Gas bills too high? – Then get a new boiler for free!

Are your Gas Bills high? – Then get a new boiler for free !

Boiler grant
Your hot water boiler consumes the largest single proportion of the home’s energy consumption – around 60% more than a year – but by installing today’s, efficient boiler, you possibly can make enormous savings on your own gas bills. Installing a new A-rated high-efficiency condensing boiler can save you as much as £300 annually, and reduce your home’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Can I obtain a free boiler replacement? – Yes you can !

Boiler grant
The government’s new ECO funding scheme allows some households to get free power saving improvements with their homes, which could add a boiler replacement or repair, in addition to various types of insulation. Sometimes, whole heating systems could be installed beneath the scheme at no cost for the property owner.

Boiler repairs and replacements are being made from the Heat Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO) which can be section of the ECO Funding scheme. It has been set aside for all those on low income or people who already receive certain benefits. To find out if you qualify, see our Guide to HHCRO.

Advantages of new boilers – Cheaper to perform !

Old-style boilers, while capable of provide heating and domestic hot water perfectly well, waste lots of energy through the hot air that’s released the flue. New boilers cash better heat exchangers, using this excess heat more efficiently so only cool air is released, which makes them much more energy-efficient. Put simply, they use less fuel to make the identical amount of heat.

They can produce gases so cold the vapour condenses, allowing the boiler to recover more energy and become a lot more efficient. For this reason the new-style boilers are called condensing boilers.

Which boiler? – Newer is better !

There are two types available – a standard boiler, which heats water so it then stores in the warm water cylinder. Combi boiler, which heats water only once you need it, so no need to store it in hot water cylinder.

Each style has its pros and cons –

Standard boiler could be more efficient than the usual combi at actually heating the water, but when it then sits inside the cylinder for a time and loses heat, it’s effectively a total waste of your money.

Combi boiler only heats the lake when you are premade it. These types of this when you facilitate a shower as an example, it is certain that it will go to temperature you want.

There are several blueprint to think about when deciding which kind of boiler would be best to suit your needs:

Water usage. Simply how much hot water can you use? Whether it’s a lot – large families, as an example – a regular boiler with hot water cylinder could be the best option. For smaller households who just use little bits of hot water at the same time, a combi would probably be best.

Space. There is no getting away from the fact that a fashionable water cylinder takes up plenty of room, and if you’re already low on space a combi boiler, that is wall mounted, will likely be be superior.

Going solar ? In case you are considering installing some solar water heating soon, this could affect the type of boiler you obtain – lots of combi boilers aren’t appropriate for solar water heating, so choose carefully.

replacements are being made with the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO) part of the ECO Funding scheme. It’s been put aside for anyone on low income or individuals who already receive certain benefits. To find out if you qualify, see our Self-help guide to HHCRO.


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